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The name of this article should be "Liancourt salas"[taisītė straipsnė wiki teksta]

Anyone can explain why this article is kept with "Dokdo salos"? "Dokdo" is the name in South Korea. On the other hand, Japanese name is "Takeshima" for the islands. that's why I recommend the neutral name, "Liancourt salas". other version of wikipedian agreed to use the neutral name:'Liancourt ...' for the article name of the island. I think we should not interefere the controversy between Japan and South Korea(by alphabet order, without any other objectives). we should keep ourself in neutral. so why are we for South Korea? Sorry, in English. I believe kind somebody can help me. Thanks :)--Boldlyman 22:23, 2007 rogpjūtė 20 (UTC)

At first, Dokdo is alphabeticaly first of Takeshima, secondly it is not good idea to name islands by a French name, and thirdly as I now (maybe I'm wrong) Dokdo islands are under official Korean rule and settled by Korean inhabitants. I can only rename to Dokdo - Takeshima islands but only if they are not only unedr Korean rule. Hugo.arg 08:14, 2007 rogpjūtė 21 (UTC)
then I should ask you first. why is it not a good idea to name French islands to this article is not good idea? firstly, you need to clarify it.
Ah, I have another thing to ask you. According to the Wikipedia:Admėnėstravims, you are one of the administrators on Wikipedia of Žemaitėška. What is the NPOV on your understanding?
Alphabetically first is not the fair treatment if you use the name which has a relation to one side player on the controversy. then, what is the fair treatment? it is fair to use the name which has NO relation to the players on the controversy.
I'll show the points of this issue.
  • 1. Dokdo salas is disputed islands.
  • 2. Dokdo is a Korean name, while Takeshima is a Japanese name.
  • 3. Liancourt has no relation to the both Japan and South Korea on the controversy. France is not a player on this controversy.
so, we should keep a neutral name, Liancourt Rocks. this is the fair treatment on NPOV.--Boldlyman 15:52, 2007 rogpjūtė 21 (UTC)
So according your logic Folkland and Malvinas islands are dispuded when the best is to use lithuanian name Sakalu Žemė :). Dokdo islands is main name in Korean wiki so we use name by this wiki. Hugo.arg 16:09, 2007 rogpjūtė 21 (UTC)
Yes, if the world think it is fair. you can use the lithuanian name. Though, the people on each wikipedia is admitting the Liancourt is a fair name. you are an administrater of Wikipedia of Žemaitėška. I think you cannot neglect this fact. and I think you are a native Lithuanian. the Lithuanian Wikipedia already admitted Liancourt salos is fair. --Boldlyman 16:40, 2007 rogpjūtė 21 (UTC)
I think to use Dokdo - Takeshima also could be NPOV. Hugo.arg 16:59, 2007 rogpjūtė 21 (UTC)
Hey! it's like a vandalism! we didn't reach such an agreemnt!!! and what you did is to neglect the other wikipedia's agreement!!! I must doubt your authority as administer. Put it back! --Boldlyman 17:06, 2007 rogpjūtė 21 (UTC)
Hugo wrote all names in article and there is redirect from Liankūra salas. I think it's fair. Zordsdavini 13:38, 2007 rogpjūtė 22 (UTC)
I should respectfully tell NPOV before two admnistraters.The ariticle name should be kept with 'NPOV'.
Wikipedia is a gathering of the international peoples. The article should not be controled by one person's thought. And there is a fact. In many wikipedias, with no relation to this controversy, has admitted Liancourt is neutral. such as Lithuanian, French, English, German, Malaysian, Spanish, Malay, Norwegian, Suomi and English. Those people admitted Liancourt is neutral.
In Wikipedia(en), there is an explain that "Samogitian language, a Baltic idiom closely related to the Lithuanian language." en:Samogotian. Samogitian people has any special relation to the name "Dokdo salas"? I don't think so. so... Samogotian wikipedia should keep the neutral position.
I must ask two administraters why does Samogotian wikipedia resist the agreement of the other neutral wikipedias, including Lithuanian wikipedia? I repeat the current article name "Dokdo salas" violates NPOV. Dokdo is the name of Korea that plays on this controversy. Liancourt salas should be given to this article. Yes, I will agree with the name Liankūra salas, with the respect for the Samogitian language. Thanks :) --Boldlyman 09:33, 2007 rogpjūtė 23 (UTC)
Šarūnā, būktās keitam i ton Liankūra salas :) Esperantėškā ta Liankūra palaika (ana munėi kap kuokė neutralė pozėcėjė :D). Zordsdavini 09:45, 2007 rogpjūtė 23 (UTC)
I believe, my proposal that the name of this acrticle should be Liankūra salas or Liancourt salas is acceptable. I don't know the proper noun, which includes Liancourt, should be introduced in Samogotian. so, I follow the Samogotian rule on the word spelling. Thanks. :) --Boldlyman 12:03, 2007 rogpjūtė 23 (UTC)

Request for unprotection[taisītė straipsnė wiki teksta]

I request the unprotection on this article. This article was created with protection by Hugo.arg. although there happened no revert-war or no trouble on this article. and this page is currently controled by Hugo.arg only. This action should not be acceptable. I asked his opinion for an Administrator, though Hugo.arg keeps his mouth closed for 2weeks. I must doubt his faith as an administrator. --Boldlyman 08:35, 2007 siejės 12 (UTC)

Sorry, I didn't saw this request. I think Hugo has mach work for now. He is good sysop :) There are many admins, so You could write to another. I opened article. Zordsdavini 07:25, 2007 siejės 20 (UTC)
Thanks! Zordsdavini. :) --Boldlyman 10:09, 2007 siejės 20 (UTC)